In less than two weeks the entire Masters of Hardcore crew will enter the Allphones Arena in Sydney for the first ever edition of the world’s leading hardcore brand in Australia. Herewith, we proudly present you the timetable for this memorable night:

21.00-22.00 The Saint 21.00-22.00 Australian Talent
22.00-23.00 Hellsystem 22.00-23.30 Meagashira
23.00-00.00 Dyprax 23.30-01.00 Catscan
00.00-01.30 Outblast & Korsakoff 01.00-02.00 Negative A
01.30-02.30 Decipher & Shinra 02.00-03.00 Tymon
02.30-03.00 Angerfist Live 03.00-04.00 Lowroller
03.00-04.00 Re-Style 04.00-05.00 Miss K8
04.00-05.00 Noize Suppressor 05.00-06.00 Drokz
05.00-06.00 Day-Mar

There’s only one spot left in the line up. This spot might be reserved for you! Masters of Hardcore is challenging local talents to send in their mix and convince us we should put you on this exclusive opening spot.

Please upload your mix to: https://soundcloud.com/groups/masters-of-hardcore-australia-dj-contest and make sure to share it in the MOH Australia DJ Contest Group. On Thursday February 28th, we will announce the winner of this contest.